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THE PRE‑SHOCK PHASE: During the first 7 days of VERT SHOCK you will be introducing your body to the unique movement patterns and exercises of the program – You will train 4 days this week for 30 minutes per session to get your body ready to fly.

THE SHOCK PHASE: Step 2 of VERT SHOCK training is designed to really push the limits. Here we ‘shock’ your body into jumping higher than you ever thought possible – After these 6 weeks you will be leaping higher than all your friends ever thought possible.

THE POST SHOCK PHASE: The final phase of the program is the ‘The Post-Shock Phase’. We back off the intensity this week and allow your body to unleash a FURY of vertical jump potential. This is the most exciting time of the program in which you will feel much lighter and springier on your feet…

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