The Dirty Secret’ Behind The World #1 Dunker

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Do you want to know "SECRET" "Secret" "SECRET" to help him become TOP 1 dunker?

Maybe you’ve heard of Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington…

His dunks are casually featured in Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report.

He was on TNT’s hit show The Dunk King.

And I’m happy to call a him a good friend of mine.

Like I said, he currently holds the title as the World’s #1 HIGHEST Dunker.

Here’s a picture of him accepting the first-place trophy at the Nike World Dunk Contest alongside LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Even though he may be considered the world’s top dunker, he wasn’t always flying around the world just to showcase his dunks…

Long story short, he and I grew up together in Canada.

And after using and mastering the 3 simple steps in VERT SHOCK, which you’ll learn too in a moment, he has taken his dunks to a whole new level.

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